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os músicos

# carlos alberto cavaco


loves blueberries and clouds shaping animals. Has been playing musical instruments for many, many years, but will not say how many. Plays everything you can imagine (oud, bansuri, bawu, classical guitar, portuguese guitar, small guitar, flutes, bisel, udu’s, xaphoon, low whistle…) and is very happy that way. Carlos is a musician, father, sociologist, designer, and the main person responsible for the wildling and musical composition of projecto geo.

# António Carmo


he likes small dogs and eating lunch without hurry. He is a father and a married man from the past century. He is a teacher, a business man and, according to a few experts, plays the concertina with a magical touch. Inspired and emotional, has been part of project geo since 2013, but has been in the family forever



loves biological fruit and country life. She is a psychologist and a nursing counsellor. Creative and dreamy which also laughs loudly and weardly. Catarina played the piano for several years but got tired of monochromatic colours. Today she plays the cajon and shamanic drums. She Has been part of project geo since its beginning.



Inês writes on book covers, climbs trees, looks mysterious and sweetly dangerous. Inês has a degree in Clinical Psychology but devotes most of her time and heart to poetry and artist projects. She Plays classical guitar and has been with project geo since 2012.



gEnjoys  travelling singing and camper vans. She is inseparable from her cello which is baptized with a secret name. Mariana studied classical music but uses to play jam sessions  in renowned jazz places. Mariana is projecto geo’s rookie yet it feels like home to her.

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